NFC Enables Tap to Pay Solutions

Effortlessly with a tap, pay for the everything you want in your life.

Every day millions and millions of people use NFC to pay for things. Today over 50 million in-person payments will be made using phone, watch, or a wearable. In most parts of the world, it is now the de facto standard for contactless payment.

A recent ABI Research study found that over half of contactless users prefer using the Digital Wallet on their phone or watch instead of a contactless card. And this same study found that 74% of contactless users have two or more cards stored in their Digital Wallet.


  • Universal acceptance worldwide

  • Digital Wallets increase convenince and security

  • Tapping is faster and more intutive than QR Code-based solutions

  • More and more form factors will support card tokenization

  • Increasing contactless transaction limits decreases friction of adoption

NFC-based systems offer unique forward and backward compatibility with existing payment networks.  

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