Contactless Ticketing with NFC

Quickly and securely navigate our cities on public and private services.

The widespread adoption of NFC in Public Transport requires NFC-enabled devices will interoperate with existing Public Transport systems throughout the world.

Some of the world's busiest transit authorities have standardized on NFC technologies: JR East in Japan, cities across China, most services in Europe and North America.

Working with industry organizations, standards bodies, and Public Transport Operators, the NFC Forum has succeeded in providing this assurance by harmonizing the specifications of mobile device NFC interface with those of Public Transport readers and cards. 

  • Riders love the convenince of using their phone or wearable

  • Support to both closed- and open-loop systems

  • Transit operators save immense costs by moving to digital solutions

  • Ticketing can account for personalized fares and special services

Ending the dependence on refillable cards or cash, reduces operating costs and increases profits. NFC is one of the few technologies that can provide both forward and backward compatibility with existing card-based solutions.

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