NFC in Wearables like Watches, Rings & Bracelets

Unleash new connected form factors and product concepts to conquer new markets.

As a miniature, low-power, affordable technology, NFC tags and chips can find their way into almost everything. Most of us are familiar with NFC built into our phones, but now NFC is being designed into wearables like watches, fitness trackers, bracelets, rings, buttons, and even trade show credentials. Because many NFC devices can harvest power from connecting devices, most wearable products do not ever to be charged - only to connect when they are tapped by a "reader."

  • Ultra low cost and no need for power makes NFC a practical solution

  • Both powered and powerless products can take advantage of NFC connectivity

  • Tap your watch, fitness tracker, or a ring to pay or unlock your door

  • Deploy at scale with single-use wristbands for hospitality and travel applications

  • NFC Wireless Charging is expected grow the market into even more industries.

We're just getting started

The first consumer products to embed NFC technology were powered devices like your phone, watch or fitness tracker. NFC use cases have moved past these initial devices to also work in powerless devices like jewelry, bracelets, and disposable wristbands. Leveraging the concept pioneered by Disney, Carnaval Cruise Lines are now offering NFC-enabled solutions meaning guests can unlock their door, check-in for services, and even charge their account.