Wireless Charging with NFC

Add the convenience of cable-free power to smaller form factor products and devices.

Most of us are familiar with the the Wireless Power Consortium's Qi induction charging platform that can deliver up to 15W over a distance of 4cm. NFC Wireless Charging is one of our newer specifications that offers induction charging up to 1W over a distance of 2cm. It is less powerful, but the package design can be quite small for polling and receiving devices.

  • Very small form factor makes integration non-evasive

  • Offers up to 1W of power to connected devices

  • Universal Stylus Initiative has standardized on NFC Wireless Charging

  • Different than the Qi wireless charging platform

NFC Wireless Charging is well suited for lightweight, unique form factor, personal accessories. Some of the first products to implement this new standard are styluses for notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones. We expect to see more and more products over the course of 2022 to use this new standard.

Negotiated mode uses a higher RF field supporting four power transfer classes of 250, 500, 750 and 1000 milliwatts.

The NFC Forum Wireless Charging Specification is a great solution for personal electronics designers and their partners. It is small, light-weight and can be integrated into most any form factor. In addition to power, connected devices can also use the digital interface of the NFC connection to transmit information over the link.

Download the Specifications

Introducing the NFC Wayfinding Mark. The mark above can be freely licensed by members and non-members alike for use on their NFC Wireless Charging capable products. Learn more on our Branding & Marks page.