Wireless Charging with NFC

Add the convenience of cable-free power to smaller form factor products and devices.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is unique in that it can transmit power as well as data. Complimentary to Wireless Power Consortium's Qi induction charging platform, which delivers up to 15W over a distance of 4cm.

NFC Wireless Charging Specification currently offers induction charging up to 1W over a distance of up to 2cm. While less powerful than Qi, its compact antenna means that it can be incorporated into even the smallest devices.

Discover the 13 key ways NFC Wireless Charging creates advantages for your product designs in our Whitepaper.

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  • All-in-one wireless charging and data transmission

  • Trendsetting design that's small, lightweight, and allows for easy integration

  • Offers up to 1W of power to connected devices

  • Universal Stylus Initiative has standardized on NFC Wireless Charging

  • Complementary to the Qi wireless charging platform

Wireless charging allows for charging of small batter-powered appliances like those found in many IoT devices. This approach can help avoid the need for a separate wireless charging unit for small devices if the device includes and NFC communication interface.

For example, a mobile headset which includes NFC technology for pairing could also use the NFC interface for wireless charging. In this case, the NFC antenna is used to exchange the pairing information and to transfer power. 


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NFC Forum's Wireless Charging Specification

Trust and consistency across different NFC implementations is crucial. The NFC Forum's NFC Wireless Charging certification program - Test Release 13.1 (TR13.1) - allows manufacturers to certify that their products comply with the NFC Wireless Charging (WLC) 2.0 specification. This minimizes risks for manufacturers and assures consumers that products will work as promised. 

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Want to learn more? Read our Q&A to find out more about the key considerations, benefits, and requirements of the NFC Forum Wireless Charging Specification.


The NFC Wayfinding Mark

The NFC Wayfinding Mark can be freely licensed by members and non-members alike for use on their NFC Wireless Charging capable products. This global identifier shows consumers an item includes NFC, and guides them so they know where to tap. Learn more on our Branding & Marks page.