NFC Forum Innovation Award Judges Share Thoughts on Industry and Trends
Feb 27, 2018

NFC Forum Innovation Award Judges Share Thoughts on Industry and Trends

The NFC Innovation Awards are back! This year, the NFC Forum’s awards will be judged by a team of 15 NFC industry leaders, analysts, and technology experts from all over the world. Judges will be reviewing submissions from this year’s applicants and selecting winners in three categories: Best In-Market Implementation, Best Emerging Concept and NFC for Good.

To submit your entry for the NFC Innovation Award program click here.

We recently asked some of our judges what they see as the most innovative and exciting aspects of NFC technology in business, what trends they are seeing and how NFC can become the leading device communication technology in the future. Read below to check out what Dean Anthony Gratton of Gratton Associates, Junko Yoshida from EETimes, IBM Distinguished Engineer Lisa Seacat Deluca and Richard Hopf from Speech Code GmbH have to say:

Q. What are the key business benefits that companies and brands realize by incorporating NFC into their solutions? 

“[NFC is] the magic wand of wireless technologies: a simple swish of your NFC-enabled device can gain you access to buildings, cinemas, and subways, and another swish or two can allow you to make a payment and even simplify connectivity with other wireless technologies.” – Dean Anthony Gratton, Futurist and Columnist, Gratton Associates




“Companies embracing NFC are likely to benefit from the network effect of NFC. NFC isn’t just about banking and identification, but it can also serve as tags for toys and develop ‘tapping’ applications in various consumer goods. Personally, I find NFC used in pairing for communications as a big opportunity for any company interested in promoting ease-of-use of their own products.” – Junko Yoshida, Chief International Correspondent, EE Times


To submit your entry for the NFC Innovation Award program click here.

Q. What NFC trend or new opportunity will emerge in 2018?

“The price of NFC tags creates an opportunity for almost all industries to begin exploring the power of NFC with little risk. In 2018, we’ll see NFC used for retail, travel and transportation, manufacturing, automotive, and electronics, to name a few. However, my favorite projects will be the ones we see from regular people sharing their personal projects and expanding everyday items into the Internet of Things arena.”  – Lisa Seacat Deluca, IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM



Q. Can NFC serve as the “last mile” for device communication?

“Yes. For example, network grids for communication depend on large antennas, expensive base station devices and uninterruptable power lines. These grids are vulnerable to power failure, capacity shortage, device failure, or even cyberattacks. But if the network grids fail, there is NFC – that will work, even on the moon!” – Richard Hopf, CTO, Speech Code GmbH



About the NFC Innovation Award Program

During the second annual NFC Innovation Award Program, innovators, developers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and organizations are invited to submit award entries showcasing their work using NFC in new, disruptive ways for a chance to win. Finalists are invited to the award ceremony and receive two nights paid hotel room in London, an award trophy, global recognition and networking opportunities. The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 2, 2018, and the award program is open to NFC Forum member and non-member companies or organizations. Systems integrators, agencies and media brands submitting on behalf of their clients may also enter the awards. Learn more about the NFC Innovation Award Program here.