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Feb 16, 2018

NFC Forum Releases "Accelerating Smart Travel" Infographic

Shows Road to Transport Industry of the Future; Highlights Customer Benefits

The NFC Forum recently unveiled an infographic – “The Mobile Revolution Accelerating Smart Travel” – that represents another step forward in the harmonization of technical specifications in public transportation.  It expresses the NFC Forum’s vision that the continued harmonization of technical specifications will allow for an enhanced travel experience in the future thanks to the power of NFC technology.  The infographic outlines that vision and highlights its benefits to the traveler and commuter.

The NFC Forum’s Transport Special Interest Group have led this effort to harmonize standards and specifications for interoperable e-ticketing solutions in public transportation for the past few years. The infographic continues the theme, showing how a single, seamless NFC-enabled integrated platform delivers multiple benefits to public transport, including reducing traffic, fostering more loyal customers, increasing the use of public transportation and helping to create a greener planet.

Download the The Mobile Revolution Accelerating Smart Travel Infographic

We created this infographic to show how these technical improvements, once implemented, will be realized in the everyday lives of our family, friends, neighbors, commuters and travelers. The NFC Forum has carried this message of harmonization and interoperability for an enhanced travel experience from Berlin at the world’s largest public transport global interoperability event with NFC mobile devices 18 months ago to Vietnam at our VisioNFC Transport Summit during the NFC Forum Member Meeting. This message was also well-received at my speech at the Smart Transit Congress in Baltimore and in my panel discussion participation at Transport Ticketing Global last month in London.

This infographic is the latest addition to our growing public transport library. Other important and downloadable NFC Forum public transport materials include the white paper: NFC-enabled e-Ticketing in Public Transport: Clearing the Route to Interoperability and PowerPoint presentations such as Transforming the NFC Public Transport Experience From Vision to Reality the Necessities of NFC Forum-Harmonization Efforts. We also have a flyer titled How NFC delivers RF interoperability with PT infrastructures that provides a good summary of some of the important public transportation work being done by the NFC Forum.

We’ve made great progress and, because of your efforts, the NFC Forum is making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

Download the The Mobile Revolution Accelerating Smart Travel Infographic

The journey continues. There is still technical work that needs to be addressed, new products to be developed and public transport solutions to be deployed. You can help by sharing “The Mobile Revolution Accelerating Smart Travel ” infographic with at least one other person – a colleague, a customer – or using it in a presentation. We need to let people know what the transport industry of the future could look like, how NFC is helping to shape that future and the customer benefits of an integrated platform of services. This infographic will help us all to speak with one voice. We encourage you to share it and spread the message.