NFC Versatility, Functionality and Practicality Showcased at Bluetooth World 2018 and MARTECH
Sep 14, 2018

NFC Versatility, Functionality and Practicality Showcased at Bluetooth World 2018 and MARTECH

Spanning multiple audiences and themes, NFC technology continues to shine through as one of the most versatile and practical technologies on the planet.

Okay, maybe I’m biased but over the next three weeks, the NFC Forum and its members will have booths and a significant presence at Bluetooth World 2018 and MARTECH to promote the value and benefit of NFC technology. This is significant because, while these two shows attract different audiences – one technical and the other marketing – both audiences are excited and energized by NFC.

Bluetooth World 2018 and the NFC Forum

At Bluetooth World 2018 in Santa Clara, California on September 18 and 19, we will be showing the versatility and functionality NFC enables when paired with Bluetooth — say in connection handover, for example — to create new products and services. Four NFC Forum members will be demonstrating products in the booth and a representative from Smartrac will also be on hand to staff the stand. Bluetooth World 2018 will host innovative designers and developers, as well as founders and engineers from well-known brands from across the globe, who will share how they used Bluetooth technology to innovate for IoT, and create exceptionally successful products.

1TrueID, IoTize and Thinfilm to Demo; Smartrac + Identiv at Bluetooth World 2018

We have some great support for our stand at Bluetooth World. Special thanks to the following people:

Carlo Caminati, 1TrueID; Steve Gussenhoven, IoTize; Matt Bright, Thinfilm; Amir Khosh, Smartrac and Stephane Ardiley, Identiv. Carlo, Steve, Stephane and Matt are bringing demos for the booth and Amir will be helping with staffing.

MARTECH and the NFC Forum

Switching to the opposite coast, on October 1-3 we will be in Boston at MARTECH showing a marketing audience the functionality and value NFC can bring to marketing campaigns and products. MARTECH stands for The Marketing Technology Conference. It is designed for “hybrid marketing professionals charged with breaking down organizational silos designed for a pre-digital world” and features presentation on best practices and case studies from senior marketers.

If you are interested in demonstrating NFC-enabled products in our booth at Martech Boston, please contact ASAP!

NFC really has so many uses – limited only by one’s imagination. Please stop by the NFC Forum stand if you attend either of these shows, and be sure to see the demos of new NFC-inspired products and support the NFC Forum’s efforts.