Fresh SmartPhone Statistics and What They Mean For You, NFC And The World
Dec 04, 2019

Fresh SmartPhone Statistics and What They Mean For You, NFC And The World

SmartPhone use is one of the world’s fastest growing behaviors and the smartphone market is exploding. What you may not know is that smartphones have Near Field Communication technology inside and NFC is exploding right along with smartphones.

This powerful combination makes NFC one of the most prolific, important technologies on the planet – and one of the most useful.  Below are five important statistics that demonstrate market direction and the vast potential of NFC.


  1. SmartPhone users worldwide will reach 2.87 billion in 2020 (Statista).
    • Is it a movement? An estimated 20 million people per year or so join the smartphone ranks.

AND . . .

  1. There are 3.4 billion active smartphones in the world today (Newzoo 2018 Global Mobile Market Report).
    • Many people have a personal and work smartphone to keep the two areas of their lives organized.


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  1. Two billion NFC-enabled devices like a smartphone are in use today (IHS). In other words, 20%+ of the world’s population have access to NFC.
    • NFC is driving the explosion of mobile payments and leading the way to commissioning and controlling the predicted 36 billion IoT devices in use by 2020 (Gartner).
  1. The mobile industry will contribute $4.8 trillion to world GDP in 2023 (GSMA).
    • This growth will be spurred, in part, by seven billion smartphone subscriptions by 2022 (Ericsson) with NFC as a key enabler because it provides consumers the necessary ease of use and convenience making it a useful, universal technology.
  1. 80% of global connections will be smartphones by 2025 (GSMA).
    • Billions of global connections with a smartphone and NFC right in the palm of one’s hands. We have just scratched the surface on what NFC technology can do and the future is bright.


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