Automotive ready for digital key
Dec 20, 2021

Automotive ready for digital key

Automotive ready for digital key

COMPRION is the first test tool manufacturer to receive validation for the new NFC Forum certification release CR13


The NFC Forum, which aims to improve the interoperability of devices in the NFC environment, has primarily implemented requirements of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) in their new certification release CR13. With the digital key, the key for opening and starting the car moves to the smartphone. But how can I still guarantee these functions when the smartphone battery is empty (keyword: Battery Low Mode)? And how can I make sure that the built-in NFC modules in the door and console will work with all smartphones, preferably even in 5 years (Extended Grace Period)?

“These requirements are part of the new NFC Forum CR13,” said Mike McCamon, Executive Director of the NFC Forum. “Congratulations to COMPRION for providing the first validated tests for NFC product certification coinciding with the completion of the release.”

The COMPRION NFC Forum Test Solution consists of the basic UT³ Platform hardware, a robot system, antennas, and test software, and is used to certify NFC devices in vehicles (e.g., console and door in the car) as well as the key side (smartphone, wearables, etc.).

The tests cover digital protocol as well as analog, LLCP, SNEP requirements. In order for manufacturers of NFC chips, devices and access systems for vehicles to receive CR 13 Product Approval (product certification), they must pass all tests prescribed for their device class.

DEKRA, the test house responsible for validating NFC Forum test tools worldwide, uses the COMPRION test system in their lab for certifying NFC products in Europe. “DEKRA is proud to collaborate in an achievement such important as the validation of the NFC Forum Approved Test Tools, as in the case of COMPRION’s test tool, since they are essential to guarantee the quality of certified products and thus ensure correct interoperability between NFC devices”, says Lourdes Sánchez Espejo, Director of Connectivity of DEKRA Testing and Certification S.A.U.

Andreas Schreckenberg, Product Manager in the Contactless Test Solutions business unit at COMPRION, explains, “Customers who have valid service and maintenance contracts will receive the software update automatically and can thus prepare for certification at an early stage. In parallel, of course, we are already working on implementing the latest requirement for NFC Forum Wireless Charging (CR 13/TR 13.1).”

COMPRION is the worldwide leading manufacturer of test solutions for smart card interfaces, terminals, and smart cards. Covering contact-based and contactless technologies, COMPRION provides their expertise to multiple industries, especially telecommunications, payments, and M2M. Our involvement in several standardization and certification bodies enables us to integrate the latest standards and requirements into our high-quality products. As COMPRION test systems are renowned for the most accurate measurement capabilities, the company serves all top mobile phone, terminal, card and chipset manufacturers as well as mobile network operators and test houses. COMPRION also acts as technological consultant supporting many key players in the market.


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