NFC Smart Home: Convenience and Sustainability
Mar 15, 2022

NFC Smart Home: Convenience and Sustainability

Another NFC Use Case: Programable Heating Saves Money

NFC Technology is not new to smart homes. What is new is using NFC Technology for a programmable function for central heating in the European Union (EU)

Not only was this development brought about to allow an easier user experience with central heating units but it, in part, complies with the EU’s regulations aimed at reducing energy consumption. This new use of NFC technology will allow users to have features like programmable heating schedules, open-window detection, detection of human presence, etc.

NFC Forum Member IoTize is the brains behind this solution.

Their solution provides daily and hourly scheduling so that an owner can program space heaters, radiators, or towel radiators to operate at a “comfort” temperature each morning, for example, from 6 AM to 8 AM when the bathroom is most heavily used and then heat at a reduced temperature “economy” mode for the rest of the day.

Once this new technology is implemented it is estimated that the programmable functions will cut back energy consumption by 15%.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The user taps the NFC-enabled mobile device on a spot identified with the NFC Wayfinding mark to their appliance. With this gesture, a secure, encrypted communication channel is established, the actual appliance configuration is collected, and the appropriate app is launched.
  2. The user views the configuration and modifies the schedule in the app on an information appliance that they are familiar with and using controls that are commonly found in any mobile app (ex. the control for setting the data and hour). And, when satisfied with the configuration, the user can save the changes on their mobile phone.
  3. Finally, the user sets the new configuration on their appliance by tapping the mobile device to the NFC Wayfinding mark on their appliance a second time.

It takes all of 10 seconds to do.

The overall goal of this new technology is to reduce energy consumption for the user, and also to use NFC technology for something it’s best at, creating a more sustainable, connected, and easier life.

For more information, see the solution at NFC Forum Member IoTize website here