Aug 16, 2022

What Else Can NFC Do?

Deploying NFC at Scale: Webinar Explores Rising Trend of Beyond Payment Applications

Maybe you own a smartwatch and tap it on the reader terminal at the store to pay for your groceries.

Or maybe you don’t have a smartwatch and merely envy others that do.

Either way, it’s clear that Near Field Communication (NFC) – what powers these types of payment applications -- has become synonymous with payment around the world. Twenty percent of the world’s population has access to NFC – that’s a lot of groceries.

However, a trend found in several industries today is exploring how to use NFC for non-payment applications deployed at scale.  This trend is a strong indicator that things are going to change for NFC.

In short, the big question industries like transportation and mobility, access, identity, IoT and automotive are asking is: What else can NFC do beyond payments?

The answer that come back is: A lot.

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Beyond Payment Webinar

An upcoming webinar addressing what else NFC can do is planned for August 31 at 11 am EST. More information and to register

The webinar is titled Beyond Payment: Deploying NFC at Scale, and features industry experts from HID Global and Cubic Transportation Systems sharing real-world NFC use cases for a wide range of applications. 

Webinar Presenters Richard Aufreiter, VP Product Marketing, Identification Technologies, HID Global and Paul Monk, CEng CITP MBA, Senior Product Director, Mobile, Cubic Transportation Systems will offer a number of examples from diverse industries and applications, such as anti-counterfeiting, home healthcare, and enterprise access control, while also highlighting some of the challenges of deploying NFC at scale into fixed infrastructure.  Participants will leave the webinar with:

Paul Monk, CEng CITP MBASenior Product Director, Mobile, Cubic Transportation Systems

Richard Aufreiter, VP Product Marketing, Identification Technologies, HID Global

  • A better understanding of how NFC technology is streamlining operations
  • Insights into how NFC technology is improving the user experience
  • Firsthand information from use case examples on the challenges and success of global NFC deployments including Digital Wallets

For more information, or to register for Beyond Payment: Deploying NFC at Scale Webinar, click here.