Nov 03, 2022

Five Cool NFC-Enabled Products for the 2022 Holiday Season

Here are some of the trendiest NFC products of 2022.

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas. And we are here to help with your gift buying.  While the NFC Forum may not be your traditional “go-to site” for gift ideas, we know a little bit about near field communication (NFC) and we have some cool suggestions for the gift-giving season.

NFC-enabled products are emerging across industries, so here are five NFC-enabled products that we think are pretty cool. Before we begin, it’s important to note that these products might not be new in and of themselves, but instead are sporting enhanced or different features and functionality thanks to NFC technology.

  1. NFC-enabled business cards
    1. With the coronavirus pandemic, many questioned if the business card era was kaput. Instead, just the opposite occurred. NFC-enabled business cards are booming. They are integrated with NFC technology, allowing these important networking tools to scan a card and gain access to certain online links, including your resume, portfolio, company website, or other personal touches. As a bonus, they are a sustainable solution!
  2. NFC-enabled liquor bottles
    1. With this product, customers can use NFC to track the journey of how a particular bottle of one’s favorite alcohol is made -- from distillery to glass (to stomach?). Many companies are partnering with NFC brands to provide a more transparent process, one that benefits them as well as consumers. Customers can track their alcoholic product’s origins, offering a more unique and connected experience to a brand.
  3. Collectible Music Cards
    1. If you’re shopping for a music fan, or you’re a music fan yourself, we have the perfect NFC-enabled item for you. It’s a physical card that can be purchased allowing smartphone users to scan and add a song or album to their library on Spotify or Apple Music. This also allows musicians to sell their music directly to fans, along with collectible artwork and merchandising designs, making discovering and collecting music easy. That’s music to our ears!
  4. Luxury Clothes and Footwear
    1. Many luxury brands are choosing to include NFC tags in their clothing and footwear, so consumers can check and authenticate their purchases, easing any fear of counterfeit purchases. It costs money to be a fashionista. Let NFC technology ensure that what you are buying is authentic, so you can flaunt it proudly. Call it NFC style.
  5. Chinese Tea Bags
    1. Counterfeiting in tea bags? Yup. Tea bags.  It might sound crazy, but NFC-enabled tea bags provide authentication and allow for access to product details and coupons for future purchases.  Sip your black, green, or herbal tea and scan the tea bag’s NFC tag with your smartphone to learn more.  Works for iced tea too.

These are but a few of the fun and cool NFC-enabled products that are available right now and make great gift ideas. To remain in the loop on all things NFC, check out the NFC Forum’s blog.