Product Education Accountability System



Product Education Accountability System – PEAS – is a research and development project led by WRÅD.

The goal of this project is to implement with the help of NFC technology, a system that can educate the customer on the impact the usage of clothing has on the environment and trace in a simple and immediate way the origins and originality of a garment.  The information on the clothing item – from the cultivation of the raw material to all the uses and re-uses after marketing – will be made available to the consumer through an NFC TAG device, which will allow and facilitate the reading directly on a smartphone with the help of an application designed and developed by 1TrueID.

The guarantee of the authenticity of the data will be certified by applying the Block Chain method throughout the supply chain, for a full product visibility and as a mean against counterfeiting, increasing this way the B2B and final costumer’s loyalty.

The implementation of a system of rewards, awards valuable cryptocurrency to the “links” part of the blockchain for their transparency, conscious and sustainable approach towards the society and environment.