The big iOS 13 change for NFC was the ability to read passport chips. Verifying people’s identity is essential in preventing identity fraud and enabling trustworthy digital services. ReadID is the first and leading solution for verifying identity documents using smartphones’ NFC. The combination of identity documents with contactless chips and NFC-capable smartphones is the cornerstone of ReadID. ReadID was the first identity document verification app available in general, and on iOS 13 specifically.

Application areas include:

  • Secure mobile onboarding (KYC)
  • Identity document verification by police forces
  • Qualified signatures.

Many passports, identity cards and other identity documents contain an RFID chip, which ReadID reads to verify the authenticity of these documents. The chip contains reliable personal information about the holder, including the full name, date of birth and nationality. In addition, it contains a high-resolution face image, suitable for face matching as a second step. With iOS 13 bringing NFC to third party developers, ReadID is now available on iPhone, with a quick and smooth user experience.