Transact Mobile Credential



Transact Mobile Credential meets the needs of mobile-centric college students with a fast, secure, NFC- enabled mobile student ID for both Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

College students today are prominent users of mobile phones. They expect to leverage mobile technology to make all aspects of their campus lives easier. Transact helps schools meet those expectations head-on with Transact Mobile Credential, leveraging student smartphones to deliver NFC-based mobile student IDs. The cutting-edge technology replaces the dated and less secure cards that have long been the standard for payment and access control on college campuses for decades.

It works like this:

  • Using the Transact eAccounts mobile app, students securely add their DESfire-based student ID to either Apple Wallet (iPhone or Apple Watch) or Google Pay (Android Phone).
  • Once provisioned, Transact Mobile Credential can be used anywhere on campus that the physical ID card is accepted, for dining, retail, bookstore, laundry, copy, and vending transactions, as well as door access. Students no longer need a physical student ID card once they’ve provisioned Transact Mobile Credential.
  • Transact Mobile Credential is supported on all NFC-enabled Transact-manufactured reader hardware, in addition to third party access control and vending readers that support NFC.