2024 Taichung Member Meeting & Connections Summit


Taichung, Taiwan

No.99, Chaofu Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City. Taiwan 407024


Mon, May 13, 2024 - Wed, May 15, 2024

Co-located with the RAIN Alliance Member Meeting, the NFC Forum will host it's Spring 2024 Member Meeting to create community, develop common interest in new markets, and make F2F progress on shared work products. All Members are invited for a three day program that includes Committee, SIG, and Working Group meetings along with our Member Roundtable and networking receptions.


We look forward to having NFC Forum members join for a week of in-person sessions. Please note the following schedule:

  • Monday, May 13
    • 9:00 AM – 4:45 PM | Working Meetings: Committees, Working Groups, Task Forces, and SIGs will be meeting throughout the day on Monday and Tuesday
  • Tuesday, May 14
    • 9:00 AM – 3:15 PM | Working Meetings
    • 3:15 PM - 4:45 PM | Closing Plenary
    • 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM | Networking Reception
  • Wednesday, May 15 - Connections Summit with NFC Forum and RAIN Alliance
    • 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM 
  • Thursday, May 16
    • 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Board of Directors Meeting
  • Each active Task Force, Working Group, Committee, and Board of Directors with outstanding work items has a session at every Member Meeting. Visit the All Member Calendar for the specific Committee / Working Group / Task Force for individual session details.

*Please note, the detailed schedule below may be updated at any time. All meeting times are in Taiwan Standard Time.​​​​​​

Event Registration


Venue Information

The NFC Forum Member Meeting, Connections Summit and Board Meeting are all hosted at The LIN hotel located at No.99, Chaofu Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407024. The hotel's phone number is  +886 975 555 512 and can be found on the web at www.thelin.com.tw

Lodging Information

We recommend the following hotels for your stay in Taichung. Please book as soon as possible to take advantage of discounted booking rates and secure your accommodation.

To secure your reservation – for The Lin, The Huan or The Fairfield, please email your request to the contact persons listed below. For the Holiday Inn – please book online via the link below.  Please note USD rate is approximate based on 30 exchange rate. Charges are made in NTD and subject to the exchange rate at the time of booking.

Before traveling to Taichung please ensure you have received confirmation of your reservation from the hotel you have selected.


Nightly Rates

Deluxe King USD$135
Deluxe Twin USD$152
Deluxe Family USD$202
Executive Deluxe King USD$168

Booking Contact

Email Anita Chuang at sales03@thelin.com.tw with subject line: "Room Reservation for Connections Summit"

General Information

Address: No.99, Chaofu Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407024
Phone number: +886 975 555 512


Nightly Rates

Deluxe Room USD$125
Executive Suite USD$183
Chairman Executive Suite  USD$267

Booking Contact

Email Judie Nien at judienien@the-huan.com with SUBJECT Line: "Room Reservation for Connections Summit"

General Information

Address: No. 818, Sec. 3, Taiwan Blvd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407
Phone number: +886 939 554 504

Fairfield by Marriott

Nightly Rates

Superior Room (King) USD$133
Deluxe Room (King) USD$150
Superior Room (Two Beds)  USD$133

Booking Contact

Email Daniel Chou at Daniel.Chou@fairfieldinn.com with SUBJECT Line: "Room Reservation for Connections Summit"

General Information

Address: No 1155 Section 2 Huanzhong Road, Xitun District, Taichung, 40765
Phone number: +8864-3606-5189 ext#2806

Holiday Inn Express

Nightly Rates

12% off standard rates - Average rate: $130 (The room price fluctuates based on reservation requirements).

Booking Contact

Book online at Connections Summit Attendees

General Information

Address: No.28, Lane 33, Fuxing North 3rd Street, Xitun District, Taichung
Phone number: + 886-4-27083911

Frequently Asked Questions

Visitor Information
Q:  Do I need a visa to enter Taiwan for this conference?

A:   Citizens of certain countries and territories need a visa to visit or transit in Taiwan.

Meeting Information
Q:  What is the dress code for the meeting?

A:   Business casual attire is encouraged for all meetings and evening events.

Q:  I have special dietary needs. Who can help me?

A:   You will be able to let us know any dietary needs (including vegetarian) when you register online through our registration system.

Q:  My company requires an original signed receipt. Who can help me?

A:   Email the Events Team (events@nfc-forum.org) with this request.

Q:  May I have a list of attendees?

A:   During registration, all attendees are asked if they wish to share their contact information with fellow attendees. This list (of those who wished to share their contact details) will be available at the registration desk.

Q:  Will there be internet access in the meeting room space?

A:   The NFC Forum will be providing attendees with Wi-Fi while at the meetings (in the meeting space only). Details will be provided onsite.

Q:  Will I be able to access my company’s VPN if I use the NFC Forum’s Wi-Fi for the meeting?

A:   Yes, you should be able to connect to your company’s VPN when using the Wi-Fi; please check with your IT team before traveling to ensure you have everything you need to connect.

Member Information
Q:  How do I sign up as a new member on the website?

A:   To sign up as a new member:

  1. From the NFC Forum website, click Member Pages in the upper right of the screen.
  2. Click the green SIGN UP button.
  3. Fill in the Company Representative Signup page and click Submit Application at the bottom. Be sure to enter your phone numbers. Your email domain name MUST match the domain name(s) listed on your company’s membership application or you cannot sign up. If you have a problem, contact membership@nfc-forum.org
  4. You will receive a welcome email with login information. Log on and change your password.
Q:  How can I join a Committee or Working Group?

A:   Members can make a request directly from the NFC Forum website. Options are available according to your membership level.

Q:  How can I view a Committee, Working Group, or Task Force that I have joined?

A:   From the Workspace, click Groups from the menu, and then click My Groups. Scroll down to see a list of the Committees, Working Groups, and Task Forces that you have joined. Select the group to view the group’s work area.

Q:  How do I record my attendance while at the meeting?

A:   To record your attendance:

  1. As soon as the meeting starts, go to the Workspace.
  2. Select your meeting and click Record Attendance.


More details coming soon!