Connections Summit 2024


Taichung, Taiwan

No.99, Chaofu Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City. Taiwan 407024


Wed, May 15, 2024 - Wed, May 15, 2024

Connections Summit, brought to you by the NFC Forum in collaboration with the RAIN Alliance, is a very special event, bringing the industry together for an unmissable experience filled with discovery and connections. The event explores the latest market trends and technical developments in RAIN RFID, NFC, and applications which combine both technologies in unique ways.

Morning Sessions

8:00 AM

Registration & Welcome coffee

8:30 AM

Welcome, Tony Tseng, Chairman, SAG

8:35 AM

RAIN Alliance Address, Aileen Ryan, President, RAIN Alliance

8:55 AM

NFC Forum Address, Mike McCamon, Executive Director, NFC Forum

9:15 AM

Panel Discussion: Exploring the Benefits of RAIN RFID and NFC Technology as Key Enablers of Smart Retail Innovation. Moderator: Aileen Ryan, President, RAIN Alliance. Panelists: Herve D’Halluin, RFID United Leader & IoT Referent. Christophe Rabaud, Ph. D., Keolabs. Vince Coli, Socket Mobile. Decathlon.

9:55 AM

Keynote Address: Making the Circular Economy a reality: RFID as the Catalyst for DPP Beyond Limits. Terry Chiang, CEO, SAG

10:15 AM

Keynote Address: RFID Market Trends in Healthcare, Retail, and Industrial IoT. Ming Chih Chiang, Vice President - Service-IoT Group, AdvanTech

10:35 AM

Networking Break

11:05 AM

Keynote Address: Everything Connected – Driving Mass Adoption in a Secure and Scalable Manner. Philippe Dubois, Sr. Vice President, Secure Transactions & Identification, NXP Semiconductors

11:25 AM

Keynote Address: Transforming Beyond Payment to Enabling Tomorrow's Connected World. Sylvain Fidelis, Business Line Manager, STMicroelectronics

11:45 AM

Panel Discussion: Examining how RAIN RFID and NFC Technologies can Support Sustainability Initiatives and Digital Product Passport (DPP) Compliance. Moderator: Mike McCamon, Executive Director, NFC Forum. Panelists include: Amir Knoshviyati, IDENTIV. Femke Zijlstra, Avery Dennison Smartrac, Paul Broekhuizen, Global Director Smart Industries, Beontag. Pierre Muller, EM Microelectronics.

Afternoon Sessions


1:30 PM

Contactless Trends and User Adoption Bi-Annual Study. Andrew Zignani, ABI Research

2:15 PM

Healthcare Applications for NFC Technologies, Stefan Genser, NFC Forum Healthcare Task Force Chair

2:35 PM

Extending the Contactless Experience with Multi-Purpose Tap. Speaker TBD

3:00 PM


3:20 PM

Wireless Power Update and Market Opportunities for Low Power Devices, Jerome Bove, HP Consumer Products

3:50 PM

NFC Forum Digital Product Passport (NDPP) Specification. TBD.

4:10 PM

Using NFC Devices as Digital Keys for Access Control. TBD

4:30 PM

Trends in the Internet of Things (IoT) and NFC Use Cases. Zanghee Cho, NXP Semiconductors

4:50 PM

Certifying NFC Compliance. Arnaud Schreiner, NFC Forum Compliance Committee Chair.


1:30 PM

Welcome - Growth Markets, Trends and Applications

1:35 PM

Supporting Growth of RAIN RFID in Logistics Applications – Applying Insights and Experiences from the US to Asian Markets. Lewis Lin, CEO, Arizon RFID Technology

1:55 PM

Exploring Applications of RFID in the Steel Industry and How Learnings could be Applied to other Industries and Applications. Sung-Lin Chen, Section Manager, China Steel Corporation

2:15 PM

Applying Insights from Asset Tagging in Industrial Laundry and Cleanroom Environments to other Industries, Presenter TBA, Ruth Cleaning Technology

2:35 PM

Determining Future Trends in RFID in Retail. Presenter to be announced

3:00 PM

Networking Break

3:20 PM

Keynote Panel Discussion: Examining Trends and Opportunities that Lay ahead in the Future of Chip Design Moderator: Aileen Ryan, President, RAIN Alliance. Panellists: Lewis Lin, CEO, Arizon RFID Technology. Chris Diroio, CEO, Impinj. Invited Panellists: Executives, TSMC

3:50 PM

RAIN Power: Powering Sensors, Displays, and Consumer Electronics – New Markets and Applications. Charles Greene, PhD, Chief Operating & Technical Officer, Powercast Corporation

4:10 PM

Leveraging Thermo-responsive Materials to Enable Battery-free, NFC and RFID Digital Temperature Indicators (DTI) – New Applications. Pichaya Pattanasattayavong, Co-founder, CEO & CTO, Cleantech & Beyond

4:30 PM

Outlining RFID Market Trends and Opportunities in Japan. Yusuke Kitamura, Marketing Manager, Denso Wave

4:50 PM

Bridging the Gap: Connecting Sustainability with RAIN RFID: Why RAIN RFID is a Critical Technology for Decisions that Balance People, the Planet, and Profit. Barbara Dunin, Co-lead of RAIN Alliance Sustainability Workgroup & Director of ESG, Marketing and Communications, Beontag

5:10 PM

Closing remarks

Evening Reception

6:00 PM

Networking Dinner Sponsored by STMicroelectronics

Experience a culinary journey through a fresh local food feast, capturing the flavors of the seasons in Taiwan's fine dining buffet. Delight in over a hundred dishes, including harbor-to-table seafood selections, chef's signature dishes, and an array of exquisite pastries—an exceptional opportunity for networking that you won't want to miss

Member Meeting

The NFC Forum hosts Member Meetings to create community, develop common interest in new markets, and makes F2F progress on shared work products. The Taiwan Member Meeting takes place May 13-14th with a program that includes Committee, SIG, and Working Group meetings. If you are an NFC Forum member we welcome you to register for that event as well. and