November 10, 2020 - November 13, 2020


All Day


Okinawa, Japan





NFC Forum Member Meetings create community, develop an interest in new markets, and develop shared work products. Typically held three times a year in Asia, Europe, and North America in 2020 NFC Forum Member Meetings have been held virtually to achieve the same goals. We welcome all members to attend as many meetings as possible.

Each active Task Force, Working Group, Committee and the Board of Directors with outstanding work items has a session at every Member Meeting. At these sessions, substantial progress is made toward completing the outstanding work items and determining the overall direction of NFC technology. For this reason, member meetings are crucial to the success of the Forum. By providing a space for members to collaborate face-to-face and focus on the work, many important milestones are reached and goals accomplished. Read more about NFC Forum Member Meetings here!

*NOTE: NFC Forum Member Meetings are open to NFC Forum Members only. For access to registration, please visit the member website. Not a member? Join today!

Schedule of Meetings

Sessions will be held Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 6:00pm JST, with potentially some additional evening sessions.

Sponsor or Principal member representatives can attend any Committee, Working Group, or Task Force meeting. Attendance at some Task Force meetings may be limited to previously active participants.

Associate or Non-Profit member representatives can attend any Working Group or Task Force meeting but cannot attend Committee meetings. Attendance at some Task Force meetings may be limited to previously active participants.

Implementer member representatives may attend the SIG Working Groups and Task Forces and any general meetings

More information and regisration.

We are still planning a face-to-face meeting in Okinawa November 10-13, 2020.  The meeting will feature a special event titled: VISIONFC “Tourism powered by NFC”.  This VISIONFC event will be supported by MIT SIG.  We’ll let you know if plans for the Okinawa Member Meeting change.

For fees and additional information on the meeting, Members can visit this link. 


Need more information?

To get more information about upcoming events or if you need to contact us please click here.

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