The Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum welcomes participation from all organizations; for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, and industry associations with compatible technical interests. Watch the video to the right of this screen to learn more about the NFC Forum, our member meetings, and how you can make your impact on the NFC ecosystem by joining.

  1. Review the membership benefits for each membership level.
  2. Download the Membership Application.
  3. Download and review the By-laws, Rules of ProcedureIPR Policy, and Charter.
  4. Complete and sign the Membership Application. (Sponsor applicants please fill out questionnaire)
  5. Submit it by fax, scanned email, or postal mail using the contact information listed on the form.
  6. If you have questions, contact [email protected].
  7. Your application for Principal, Associate, Implementer, or Non-profit membership will be reviewed and you will be accepted immediately, if your information is complete and payment is enclosed. Membership privileges do not begin until we receive payment. For Non-profit membership applications, please submit evidence of non-profit status.

Sponsor Member applications will be reviewed by the NFC Forum Board of Directors to ensure appropriate balance across regions and sectors. For this reason, Sponsor applicants are asked for additional information on the application. You will be notified if your Sponsor Member application is accepted.