Jul 12, 2019

Creating Revolutions: Revolutionizing the Hotel Experience

Case Study

Creating Revolutions is doing just that – creating a revolution in the quality and speed of hotel and resort services with its Touch and Discover® multi-patented mobile technology platform. It uses Near Field Communication (NFC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage staff and communicate with guests. As a matter of fact, Creating Revolutions is the first company to automate employee management in the hotel and resort industry. The powerful system allows a guest to use NFC to request service in his or her own language from the appropriate employee capable of providing the service. When staff arrive they “tap” an NFC ID card to the guest’s mobile phone instantly recording the interaction. This solution benefits hotel guests, hotel staff and hotel management. Guests get better and faster service; employees record a positive experience with a guest and managers can track guest interaction and automate employee management.

Figure 1: Creating Revolutions was recognized as a finalist in NFC Innovation Award in the “Best In-Market Implementation” category. As shown above, users have a positive experience with NFC technology and Creating Revolutions. (Image courtesy: Creating Revolutions)

“NFC gives our technology the highest benefits compared to any other technology, without any drawbacks. For example, compared to QR codes, NFC is faster, more standardized, actually has security, and is not affected by environmental issues such as lighting, smearing, and so much more. Another example, compared to BLE, NFC is more precise, dramatically more secure, more intuitive and minimally affected by electro/magnetic noise. Now that all of the leading smartphone manufacturers are offering NFC as a standard in their handsets, Creating Revolutions’ product offering is even more compelling,” said Einar Rosenberg, Chief Innovation Officer for Creating Revolutions.