Oct 23, 2020

WAKDEV Wins Two NFC Forum 2020 Innovation Awards

WAKDEV iOS and Android Applications Sweep The Field

This NFC Innovation Award is given every year to companies that have developed innovative and exemplary NFC products from around the world. This year’s winner for Best NFC Application in iOS and Best NFC Application in Android is the company WAKDEV. This is the first time a company has won two awards in the same year.  CEO Julien Veuillet answered a few questions in regard to the work done to create the products and earn the award, as well as what the award means to WAKDEV.

  1. What is innovative about your products or solutions?NFC can be difficult for non-tech people to wrap their head around. Therefore, with our apps and software we’ve tried to offer a clear and easy-to-use interface without compromising on functionality.

In doing so, we want to allow as many people as possible to have access to NFC . . .  to discover, to experiment, and much more.


Q. What does the NFC Forum Innovation Award mean to your organization?

After several years of work, the NFC Forum Innovation Award is a great recognition.
We are very happy to have received this award, and even happier to get it in two different categories.

Q. Where and how can someone get your products or solutions?

You can find NFC Tools for Android on the Play Store, but also on alternative stores such as the App Gallery (Huawei), and Galaxy App Store (Samsung). In addition, you can get it as a standalone version directly on our website.

For iOS devices, NFC Tools is available on the Apple Store.

NFC Tools is also available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux (of course it requires an NFC reader).  You can visit our website for more info.

Q. What’s your organization’s most important goal and biggest challenge?

We want to continue to develop our apps and software with new features, work on compatibility with more chips and NFC readers, and much more.  The biggest challenge will be to imagine the innovative solutions of tomorrow around NFC. But we’re already on it!


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