Oct 27, 2022

NFC Wireless Charging Revolution Smolders, Picks Up Speed

Seven Companies and Wireless Charging Experts Gather to Discuss Use Cases at NFC Forum Member Meeting

Revolutions start as quiet as church mice before gaining strength and reaching a crescendo. NFC wireless charging technology is on the cusp of just such a revolution.  It is gaining traction and a host of products that can be wirelessly charged with an NFC device, like a smartphone, are planned for next year.

The NFC Forum lit a smoldering fuse for the NFC wireless charging revolution with its NFC Wireless Charging Specification a few years ago. Fueled was added to the fire at the NFC Forum’s recent member meeting in Vienna making it the place to be if you are serious about NFC wireless charging.

In and amongst the work groups, task forces, board and special interest group meetings conducted during the NFC Forum’s recent member meeting, the industry’s first NFC wireless charging panel presentation was held.  Seven of the most forward-looking companies, along with the best and brightest NFC wireless charging influencers, discussed and debated the pros, cons, and the use cases of wireless charging.  After the panel session ended, multiple product demos were shared. 

The panel was moderated by Founder & Chief Analyst Dinesh Kathany of Wired and Wireless Technologies.  The panel included the following individuals:

Dinesh Kathany, Founder & Chief Analyst: Wired and Wireless Technologies

Marek Trusinski, Principal Software Engineer, Solutions Architect,

Technology Lead, NFC Subject Matter Expert (SME): Zebra Technologies

Michael Stark, PhD, Principal Standards Architect: NXP Semiconductors

Qi Zhu, PhD, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Infineon Technologies

Tim Tumilty, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, NuCurrent, Inc.

Alessandro Goitre, Director of Product Management, Panthronics AG

Teuvo Järvelä, Huawei Technologies

If you missed the panel presentation, catch the NFC wireless charging webinar in December. Furthermore, if you are looking to learn more about NFC wireless charging click here or reach out to us about membership. Join the wireless charging revolution today!