Collaborate. Network. Learn. Share. Attend.

The NFC Forum holds three member meetings a year; in Asia, Europe, and North America. We welcome members of all levels to attend as many meetings as possible in all regions. Each active Task Force, Working Group, Committee and the Board of Directors with outstanding work items has a session at every Member Meeting. At these sessions, substantial progress is made toward completing the outstanding work items and determining the overall direction of NFC technology.

For this reason, member meetings are crucial to the success of the Forum. By providing a space for members to collaborate and focus on the work, many important milestones are reached and goals accomplished.

Here are the top 10 reasons to attend a Member Meeting:

  1. Get status updates from all groups at the Plenary
  2. Influence the direction of technical work and the compliance program
  3. Brainstorm ways to educate consumers and enterprises globally about NFC
  4. Participate in the Special Interest Group (SIG) interactive discussions
  5. Ask questions (and get answers) of the officers – both at informal breaks, and in formal breakout sessions
  6. Network with other members
  7. See how other companies are using NFC and promote how your company uses NFC
  8. Contribute ideas during the Marketing Roundtable session
  9. Help drive adoption of the Wayfinding Mark
  10. When we begin in-person meetings again – travel to international destinations

Member Meetings Around the World

The NFC Forum holds meetings all over the world, and our members agree they are important to achieving the work of the Forum.

New Orleans, 2019
Stuttgart, 2019
Singapore, 2019

Get More Information

Stay on top of upcoming Member meetings on our NFC Forum events page. We welcome any feedback, questions, or concerns at [email protected].