Member Committees, Working Groups, & Task Forces

The NFC Forum provides an ideal environment for participants in the Near Field Communication ecosystem to collaborate on solutions across the business and technical needs of their industries and to develop NFC programs to support them. The NFC Forum membership works towards objectives together through the activities of Committees, Working Groups, and Task Forces. Currently, areas of focus include:


Special Interest Groups (SIG) 
SIG Working Group and Task Force activities build value across key market sectors. Efforts are open to all members.


Technical Committee
Five Working Groups lead technical discussions, and create and maintain all aspects of the NFC Forum technical specifications. Activities are open to all members except Implementer members, with voting rights for Sponsor and Principal Members.


Compliance Committee
Two Working Groups manage the framework for the NFC Forum Certification Program and Plugfest Events. Activities are open to all members except Implementer members, with voting rights for Sponsor and Principal Members.

New groups and sub-groups are formed as needed. All members except Implementer members receive notification of proposed new Working Groups and are invited to comment before they are formed. Committee and Working Group operations are governed by the Forum’s Rules of Procedure, which also detail the process for draft specifications and final specifications to be submitted for member comments and votes.

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