What happens when you have over two billion NFC-enabled smartphones around the world and a United Nations goal of providing clean water to everyone on the globe by 2030?

eWaterpay is a great answer.

eWaterpay, the 2018 NFC Forum Innovation Award Winner in the category NFC For Good, is using a three-step method to make clean water available around the globe in places where finding clean water is a hardship. The company uses NFC micro-payment cards as a way for people to access clean water through an NFC-enabled water dispenser. All people have to do is tap their NFC devices (such as a smartphone) to an NFC tag located near the spigot. This simple gesture records the transaction, extracts a minimal payment, and starts the water flowing.  The revenue generated from this simple tap-and-pay method is then used to ensure the dispensers stay up-to-date and functional. eWaterpay’s solution using NFC technology solves the problem of providing clean water to developing countries where upkeep of water dispensers had previously been an issue.

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eWaterpay is an example of how NFC technology can enable retail and payment innovation around the globe. NFC technology is an easy-to-use technology that can streamline commerce and improve people’s lives.

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