By Henk Dannenberg, Compliance Committee Chair, NFC Forum


Are you ready for a chance to test and verify that your company’s new wearables, Internet-of-Things and other NFC Technology-enabled product implementations seamlessly pair with Bluetooth? Join us at the upcoming Bluetooth UnPlugFest 56 (UPF) in Atlanta, Georgia, February 13-16 to find it out!

The NFC Forum is a partner of UnPlugFest 56, an event which offers Bluetooth SIG members the opportunity to verify if their implementation of NFC Connection Handover correctly sets up a Bluetooth connection between devices and accessories, Bluetooth Classic and BLE (Bluetooth 4.2 with Secure Simple Pairing) using NFC.

NFC Forum Compliance Committee representatives will be on hand to help engineers test a range of NFC Connection Handover possibilities. Companies can verify NFC Connection Handovers between smartphones with headsets, car infotainment systems, etc., and Connection Handovers between NFC tags and various devices.

Ready to sign up? For more information or to register please visit UTF 56.