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For release: 30 Oct 2013

Near Field Communication Forum and IATA Publish NFC Reference Guide for Air Travel

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – Oct. 30, 2013 – The NFC Forum, a non-profit industry association that advances the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade association for the world’s airlines, today announced the publication of the “NFC Reference Guide for Air Travel.” The new, comprehensive reference guide is available at no charge from the NFC Forum’s website.

The two organizations – specifically the NFC Forum’s Air Transport Task Force and IATA’s Fast Travel Working Group – collaborated extensively to develop content for the document, which seeks to help the global air travel industry better understand and evaluate the potential benefits and costs, use cases, and implementation options associated with adoption of NFC technology. IATA members contributed expertise about requirements for the technology’s use in various aspects of air transport, and NFC Forum members provided details about implementation options and practical information about existing applications.

Potential uses of NFC technology for air travel that save time for passengers and streamline operations for airlines and other businesses include:

    • NFC use for secure provision, storage, and reading of boarding passes on mobile devices
    • NFC on a mobile device to enable “tap-and-go” access to elite lounges
    • Airlines and airports using NFC to provide (and cancel) access to secured areas to staff via their mobile devices
    • NFC tags coded and embedded in luggage tags to quickly access baggage information and better track bags’ progress
    • Travelers tapping their NFC-enabled devices to enter a parking garage, pay at exit, or store parking details for later reference
    • NFC’s well-established payment applications for purchases in airport shops, and even on board the aircraft

“My congratulations and thanks to the hardworking team from both IATA and the NFC Forum who delivered this valuable Reference Guide,” said Koichi Tagawa, Chairman of the NFC Forum. “It’s a great example of how organizations working jointly can help guide an industry towards consensus on technology adoption. The ultimate beneficiaries will be air travelers, who will enjoy faster boarding, easier baggage management, and other benefits through the use of NFC. IATA and the airlines who contributed are to be commended for developing this opportunity.”

“IATA’s Simplifying the Business program aims to set standards and drive innovation projects that enable a seamless passenger journey. NFC holds substantial promise to provide a smoother and faster airport experience for travelers. The NFC Reference Guide for Air Travel will be a valuable guide to help stakeholders identify potential opportunities from adoption of NFC technology,” said Stephan Copart, IATA Head, Strategy, Industry Services Transformation.

Throughout the document, in graphical illustrations, tables, and charts as well as in text, numerous practical applications of NFC associated with the air traveler’s journey are described in detail, with a particular focus on core use cases. In an appendix, the Reference Guide also includes a helpful glossary, a table of acronyms, and descriptions of relevant projects already deployed.

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