May 03, 2022

NFC Forum Launches Industry-First NFC Wireless Charging Certification Program

NFC certification allows for an interoperable eco-system for wirelessly charging small battery IoT devices

Wakefield, MA May 4, 2022 --The NFC Forum, the global standards-body for Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, announced the availability today of Test Release 13.1 (TR13.1) that, for the first time, allows manufacturers to certify that their products comply with the  NFC Wireless Charging (WLC) 2.0 specification as part of the NFC Forum Certification Program.

“TR13.1 testing and certification minimizes risk for the manufacturer and ensures consumers that products will work as promised. It means a product is interoperable with the broader NFC technology eco-system,” said Mike McCamon, executive director, NFC Forum “Certification demonstrates an organization’s commitment to quality and usability. Wireless charging certification should be part of an NFC product’s roadmap. ”

TR13.1 certification ensures interoperability across certified WLC 2.0 devices. An example of WLC 2.0 certification is using a smartphone or dedicated WLC 2.0 charging device to wirelessly charge small battery-operated devices such as wireless earbuds, smart watches, digital pens, headsets, fitness trackers and other consumer products at a power transfer rate of up to one watt. TR13.1 is fully backward compatible and has no impact on existing NFC device classes for certification. NFC WLC certification for Type 2 Tag is available now. More tag types will be added this year. To learn more click here.

NFC Wireless Charging Certification Market Adoption

The Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) is the first organization to test with TR13 and achieve NFC Forum certification.  USI integrated NFC wireless charging into its active stylus specification giving USI-enabled active styluses the capability to be wirelessly charged with a compatible notebook or other NFC charging device. USI mandates NFC Forum certification to improve the user experience for millions using active styluses with notebooks, tablets and phones. USI-enabled active styluses are standard on Google Chromebooks.

“NFC WLC testing and certification create a number of opportunities for USI-enabled products,” said Pete Mueller, president, USI. “Likely scenarios include an USI active stylus being used with an NFC-enabled notebook, tablet or mobile phone and also being wirelessly charged by the same devices. As long as your device has charge your active stylus will not run out of power. Testing and certification are important steps to opening up even more possibilities for new products.”

Streamlined Certification Process And Authorized Test Labs

NFC Forum Certification is a free and simple three-step process of application, test results evaluation and decision. Certified products are listed on the NFC Forum website and receive official certification documentation as proof of compliance.

NFC Forum partners with select authorized test labs (ATL) which are approved by the NFC Forum to provide certification testing services. For more information on how to get a product certified click here.

TR13.1 Adds Card Emulation Device Certification

NFC Card Emulation has also been added to the NFC Forum Certification Program for the wearable market further expanding its eco-system to ensure interoperability wherever NFC is used. For example, an NFC enabled smartwatch can reliably be used in applications such as access request in the transportation or automotive markets.

About The NFC Forum Wireless Charging Specification

WLC 2.0 uses the 13.56 MHz base frequency and leverages the NFC communication link to control the power transfer. It uses NFC near field magnetic induction for power transfer. NFC technology is unique in that it allows the transfer of power to an NFC tag to enable communication by providing a constant carrier signal. The WLC 2.0 specification extends this communication functionality of NFC technology to enable wireless charging allowing a wireless device to communicate with its dedicated charger and a smartphone.

About the NFC Forum

The NFC Forum was launched as a non-profit industry association in 2004 by leading mobile communications, semiconductor, and consumer electronics companies. The Forum's mission is to advance the use of Near Field Communication technology by developing specifications, ensuring interoperability among devices and services, and educating the market about NFC technology.

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