Certification Program Overview

The NFC Forum Certification Program confirms that your device, tag or reader is compliant with NFC Forum specifications. Conformance to the specifications provides consistency of behavior across NFC implementations and sets the foundation for interoperability.

For the first time, manufacturers can test and verify the performance of all key components of the NFC eco-system: handsets, NFC tags, and readers with NFC Forum Certification testing.

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What member companies & liaisons are saying about the
NFC Forum Certification Program

“AIPIA has been working to increase and accelerate the implementation of Active & Intelligent Packaging technologies for over 5 years. Great progress has been made, and one of the key drivers in this respect has been the rapid expansion of NFC tag capabilities, leading to more and more product applications and better consumer acceptance. The increasing number of smartphones in circulation, in addition to other NFC-enabled devices, can only mean this trend will continue. A tag certification program is a step in the right direction to bring more standardization to NFC tags and readers and will bring certainty and clarity for the stakeholders.”

Eef de Ferrante
Managing Director / Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association

“Worldwide, a growing number of touchpoints based on NFC tags enrich the daily life of consumers. Compliance of NFC tags is essential to ensure the highest level of interoperability of tags, smartphones, and readers, and to offer a satisfying user experience. The NFC Forum Tag Certification Program establishes tag compliance and helps tag vendors and solution providers to deliver consistent, global connectivity across all applications and environments.”

Dr. Michael Jahnich
Director Contactless Test Solutions / Comprion

“FIME is a trusted implementation partner ensuring the compliance of mobile devices and chip-based applications to industry standards for manufacturers, banks and authorities across the financial services, telecom, transport and identity sectors.

NFC Forum’s Certification Program is one of our major services for devices manufacturers to achieve NFC compliance and ensure the user experience, and we look forward to having this standard widely implemented by our global clients.”

Stéphanie Pietri
Head of Marketing Communications / FIME

“The NFC Forum Certification Program will help organizations to innovate and create products that offer consistent, compelling and connected user experiences across the entire NFC ecosystem of handsets, readers and tags.  The certification program will drive industry-wide interoperability with other devices ensuring that products do what customers want, when they want it.”

Dr. Joerg Schmidt
Business Development Manager for NFC, Transportation and / Infineon

“As inventor of NFC and world leader in NFC reader and tagging ICs, NXP has been a key driver of the tag certification program of the NFC Forum. It establishes true global interoperability between NFC tags and all mobile OS platforms while offering co-habitation in the massive existing ISO standardized contactless infrastructure. The availability of NFC Forum certified tags from NXP will contribute to making NFC a ubiquitous connectivity technology for the IoT of everyday and luxury smart products, smart homes, smart cities and secure connected vehicles. We are highly excited to see the NFC Forum fully supporting the certification of our industry broadest portfolio of ISO 14443A and ISO 15693 NFC tagging ICs.”

Alexander Rensink
Business Segment Manager Smart Products / NXP

“NFC technology is a key element to embed intelligence into products and make them “IoT-Ready”.  Hence, SMARTRAC fully supports the NFC Forum Certification Program to foster NFC as a simple, reliable and user-friendly way for consumers and businesses to enable and enhance the Internet of Things.”

Karin Fabri
SVP Marketing & Communications / Smartrac

“This comprehensive certification program is a key milestone to NFC technology adoption that brings big benefits to users, by ensuring a consistent user experience, and suppliers like ST, by enabling product differentiation, carefree product introduction in the NFC ecosystem, and interoperability. As a sponsor member of the NFC Forum and an early supporter of the certification program, ST has moved aggressively, with several ST25 products in the certification process in the test labs.”

Sylvain Fidelis
Technical Marketing Manager / STMicroelectronics

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Steps to Certify

  1. Join: Become a member of the NFC Forum to enjoy membership benefits and start the Certification process, if your organization is not already a member.
  2. Prepare: Familiarize yourself with the NFC Forum Certification Policy and Device Requirements.
  3. Test: Determine which Authorized Test Lab meets your test your product(s) testing needs and schedule your testing.
  4. Report: Once testing at an Authorized Test Lab is complete, pay certification fees and agree to the NFC Forum Terms and Conditions during checkout.
  5. Apply: Assemble the package of all required certification documents, create an account, and submit your documentation online to the NFC Forum.
  6. Promote: Once certified, it’s recommended that you add the Certification Mark to your site, product (if appropriate), packaging and collateral (according to the NFC Forum Certification Mark Guidelines). The mark may be used upon acceptance of the NFC Forum Certification Mark License Agreement and a one-time fee per registered organization. Also, be sure to share your product certification news with your customers.

* If you have certified a product in the past, log in to your account. You do not need to complete the organization form again.

Why Certify?

Top 4 Reasons to Certify with the NFC Forum Certification Program


Interoperability with other devices – Deliver a memorable user experience when your product works seamlessly with other products.


Quality assurance – confirmed compliance with NFC Forum specifications increases your customers’ confidence level and decreases the chance of customer service calls.


Product differentiation – Differentiate your tags, device or reader by certifying against NFC Forum specifications, which are the most broadly supported tags in the industry. This helps attract customers who prefer to purchase certified products.


Useful metrics – Come away from certification with test evidence that is preferred and/or required by other NFC Forum partner organizations.