NFC and Bluetooth: the Perfect Pair

From wearables to smart appliances, NFC’s tap and go functionality helps consumers simplify device operation, enabling multiple devices to easily connect and to work together. As a companion technology to Bluetooth, NFC has emerged as a powerful tool to complement and enhance the consumer experience. Simply tap an NFC-enabled mobile device to NFC-enabled Bluetooth device, such as a speaker, printer, remote control or wearable device. In a flash, the devices will be automatically paired, and you can play music, send documents to print, or transfer data. The seamless, intuitive interface is powered by standardized NFC Connection Handover technology, which can be implemented more quickly and easily than you might think. Products that implement NFC Connection Handover technology can improve the user experience and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhancing the Retail Experience: NFC and BLE

NFC-enabled smartphones are also becoming increasingly important to the customers’ shopping journey. “Retail Everywhere” has arrived and NFC and Bluetooth complement each other to facilitate pull- and push-based customer interactions.
When used together, NFC and Bluetooth Beacons work together to enable retailers and brands to engage throughout the stages of a shopping journey. Prior to purchase, Beacons can activate a shop or venue, such as a stadium, and push content to patrons who have a pre-installed store or venue mobile app. When shoppers want information about specific products and services, they can use NFC for instant, item-level interaction with products and packages. After purchase, NFC allows brands and retailers to continue to engage with the consumer with the simple tap of an NFC device. At every point within the journey, the consumer has a unique opportunity to decide when and where to consume content, to share, to shop and buy, or to get rewarded.

Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing with NFC Flyer

Learn how to make your device, wearable, or accessory stand out with an exceptional user experience by combining Bluetooth
and NFC.

NFC + Bluetooth Overview Presentation

Download this presentation to learn why NFC and Bluetooth make the perfect pair.

Buetooth Simple secure pairing using NFC Connection Handover

Connection Handover Whitepaper

This white paper provides a set of recommendations to better align user experiences for Connection Handover use cases between different implementations.

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Product Showcase: Bluetooth Products

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