Why did QUBITEQ join the NFC Forum?

At QUBITEQ, we develop our own applications and services, and for the past several years we’ve been working with NFC apps. We joined the NFC Forum so that we could track how things are currently implemented with the technology and where the technology is going in the future.

How is QUBITEQ innovating with NFC technology?

QUBITEQ is innovating with NFC technology by using a set of applications and services to be able to track people, locations, installations or inventory to gather information from the field. One innovation we have pursued is putting value on a smart credential for people. Our aim was to design an NFC-enabled credential that would handle a person’s basic identity, in addition to other information about the person for use at trade shows, events and other locations where people are engaging with one another.

How have you enjoyed the NFC Forum Member Meeting?

The NFC Forum Member Meeting is a great opportunity for companies to exchange views and network with each other, which is eventually beneficial for the evolution of NFC and all parties involved.



What excites you most about the future of NFC?

Our company is most excited about the growth of different use cases beyond payment. NFC as a payment application has helped to establish that NFC is valuable, but we are excited about the future of non-payment use cases that are growing and being adopted.

Is there a use case you’re most excited about?

I think that all areas of everyday life can benefit from the accuracy and speed of use that NFC technology provides. At QUBITEQ, we have a special focus in the area of sports, which has a potential to use NFC effectively in many ways. We are trying to expand the use of NFC technology in several organizations to bind membership services, such as season ticketing, club membership, or training for athletes.

How do you think NFC helps the user experience?

I think everybody can benefit from NFC technology because it allows people to exchange information quickly and accurately compared to any other technology that’s out there. NFC is a 21st century technology that –by definition- brings people together “at scan range,” as opposed to social media and online services that keep people apart!

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