What is IDENTIV?

IDENTIV is an American-based company with offices all around the world. From Germany to Singapore to Hong Kong to Tokyo, we focus on access control, NFC transponders and reading devices, which include NFC readers.

What first brought you to the NFC Forum?

The NFC Forum is a very important institution in the world of NFC. The Forum has developed a robust set of specifications which remain valid today, and work to bring the value of NFC technology to the industry and suppliers. For those reasons alone, it was obvious for us that IDENTIV should become an NFC Forum member.

How is your company innovating with NFC technology?

IDENTIV was one of the first innovators in the NFC space many years ago, and over the recent years, we have come up with several inventions and innovations to continue the process. One of the most important inventions we’ve created is our active temperature tracker based on NFC technology. This device works by monitoring cold chains and then transferring that data into the cloud where it can be further evaluated. From this, we’ve also begun assessing how to measure things for other industries using NFC, like the moisture of your skin for the benefit of the cosmetics industry.

What NFC marketing innovations are you anticipating over the next few years?

From my point of view, the most exciting thing will be the next wave of NFC chips. They will not only serve as data carriers for URLs, but will also be able to measure things like temperature, humidity and pressure. Many of those chips will open up a variety of new applications and enhance the way that users interact with the technology. Over the next few years, we at IDENTIV are planning to do many different projects in our R&D department, and we hope to see a lot of great innovations based on NFC and sensor technology.

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