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Speech Code GmbH

Speech Code GmbH (Austria) for its NFC talking labels, which enable up to 30 minutes of recorded speech in over 40 languages from stickers adhered to signage, food and beverage packaging and retail products. Using NFC tags to enable speech output, the talking labels make it easy for people with disabilities, retail shoppers or tourists to use their NFC-enabled phone to get important product information such as food allergy, nutrition facts and identification information for the visually impaired.

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Khushi Baby Inc.

Khushi Baby Inc. (United States) – for its NFC wearable health mobile application, which uses NFC mobile technology to enable health workers in India to interface with infant medical data through an NFC tag-enabled digital necklace. Unlike paper immunization records which are difficult to maintain and access, clinicians can use NFC-enabled mobile devices and the Khushi Baby or “healthy baby” mobile app to read the infant’s wearable necklace, identify which vaccinations are needed, upload the vaccine data into the cloud and monitor the infant in real-time. Modeled after amulet necklaces frequently worn by babies in this region, the waterproof, battery-free, digital necklace is ideal for use in rural communities, using low-power wireless technology for its operation.

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Dimple Inc.

Dimple Inc. (Latvia) for its NFC tag-based programmable buttons that personalize and streamline a user’s daily tasks. . The highly customizable NFC sticker comes with two or four shortcut buttons that can be adhered to the back of an NFC-enabled device. From speed dialing, launching a flashlight or other most-used apps to creating an extra play button or controlling smart home controls, Dimple offers endless personalized options using the phone’s own energy.

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2017 Finalists

Most Innovative NFC Product, Service, or Implementation

(Poland) – NFC-enabled data loggers for customizing and monitoring temperatures within isothermal packaging used in shipping and storage.

East Japan Railway Company
(Japan) – NFC -based mobile wallet service, “Suica,” which enables local and non-local riders to add and check balances, purchase commuter passes, and secure passage across the high-speed rail anywhere, anytime.

Speech Code GmbH
(Austria) – NFC tag-based stickers that contain 30-minutes of speech output in over 40 languages.

Best Mobile App Using NFC

Apps4Android IDEAL Group, Inc.
(United States) – NFC-based talking label maker and reader application to assist people with disabilities.

Khushi Baby
(United States) – NFC-enabled wearable health mobile application that allows health workers to interface with patients through a digital necklace.

(Taiwan) – NFC-based smart key application that allows home owners and small hotel managers manage their properties remotely.

Best NFC Startup

Dimple Inc.
(Latvia) – NFC tag-based programmable buttons for adding tap and go functionality to a mobile device.

(United States) – NFC-enabled, connected wine dispensing system that allows users to view tasting notes, rate wines and make purchases which are shipped right to your door.

Talkin’ Things LLC
(Poland) – NFC-based global smart packaging system that provides an innovative product communication platform and effective protection against brand-related threats.

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