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Best NFC Application in iOS: EnOcean, InnoValor/ReadID, WAKDEV

Best NFC Application in Android: APPSWED Marketing AB, EnOcean, WAKDEV

Best-in-Market NFC Implementation: Panthronics AG, Transact Campus Inc., Wizway Solutions

Most Innovative Use of NFC: Identiv and collectID, IoTize, Plutus

NFC for a Greener or Safer World: 1TrueID SRL, Copprint, Selinko

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During these unprecedented times when the world is transforming rapidly, it’s important to find ways to adapt to and uplift our communities. The Forum knows Near Field Communications (NFC) technology is transforming user experiences across the globe everyday and the NFC Innovation Awards put stand-out products and solutions in the spotlight! Continuing to recognize the great work taking place using NFC technology both during and before COVID-19 is just one way the Forum is here to continue supporting you. 


  • Keeping things virtual helps us all remain safe and healthy during this worldwide pandemic. Instead of an in-person celebration in June, we will be hosting an exclusive webinar featuring all winners and their products or services.
  • Two expanded categories taccount for how the world is changing now.
    • The NFC for a Greener World is now NFC for a Greener or Safer World and welcomes any product or service that utilizes NFC as it relates to the current pandemic. Have an innovation ‘tap to pay’ product or service? Submit to this category!
    • iOS is more than just 13 so we are opening the Best Innovative Use of NFC in iOS13 to be inclusive of other operating systems.
  • Greater digital reach opportunities for finalists on our new video page and in our updated press release promotion plan. If you are selected as a finalist, we will feature a video of your product or service on a dedicated page on the NFC Forum website and share on social media. 

*If you submitted earlier this year, your entry is still valid.

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NFC Innovation Awards Categories

Open to NFC Forum member and non-member companies, judges review applications for B2B or B2C NFC-enabled products, services or solutions for all-star quality. Systems integrators, agencies, and media companies are encouraged to submit on behalf of their clients. The Forum invites groundbreaking submissions from all industries and areas including, but not limited to:  

  • Smart homes 
  • Smart healthcare 
  • Customer-focused advertising 
  • Marketing and branding 
  • Connected hospitality
  • Smart retail
  • Connected cars
  • Internet of Things
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions
  • Gaming
  • Transportation

For each of the five (5) categories, described below, there will be 15 finalists. One (1) winner in each category and two (2) runners-up, based on numeric scores given by the judging panel, which are automatically calculated by an online award platform. 

Most Innovative Use of NFC
  • New Mobile Apps utilizing NFC technology
  • NFC technology helps to control devices
  • Cool applications of NFC Internet of Things (IoT), Transport, Automotive, Payment
  • NFC utilized to secure identity
NFC for a Greener or Safer World
  • NFC application contributes toward a sustainable world
  • Share stats on the environmental impact
  • NFC technology makes a difference in society
  • Impact of NFC transactions in today’s world due to COVID-19
  • NFC utilized for safety during COVID-19 pandemic
Best NFC Application in iOS

Sponsored by NXP

      • You are eligible to receive a dedicated development kit to create an NFC application which utilizes iOS . More information on how to receive this kit is on the application site.
      • Showcase how iOS significantly impacts the NFC market as it increases the reach of NFC applications which are now accessible through all major smartphone brands.
      • Adaptions from existing Android apps to iOS will be accepted
Best NFC Application in Android
      • You are eligible to receive a dedicated development kit to create an NFC application utilizing Android. More information on how to receive the development kit is on the application site.
      • Showcase how Android significantly impacts the NFC market as it increases the reach of NFC applications which are now accessible through all major smartphone brands.
      • Existing NFC Android applications will be accepted

Why Enter?

      • Global visibility. If your product, service, solution, or experience uses NFC technology in new, disruptive and pioneering ways, it’s your chance at the spotlight. Winners and finalists are honored as part of the Forum’s public relation campaign and can include press releases, social media promotions, blog posts and more.  
      • Quality exposure to members of the NFC Forum, which includes the world’s leading mobile device, semiconductor, payment, consumer electronics manufacturers, and solution providers including Apple, DNP, Google, Infineon, MasterCard, NXP Semiconductors, Qualcomm, Sony, STMicroelectronics, and VISA. 
      • Bragging rights: The winner in each category receives an award trophy and an ‘NFC Innovation Award Winner’ digital badge for their website. 
      • The chance to have your product, service, or experience in front of a stellar panel of judges.
      • Finalists will have the opportunity to showcase their product or solution via a short demo video that will be hosted on the Innovation Awards website and promoted on NFC social media channels. 


Submissions will be scored on the follow criteria: 

      • Innovation: How is this entry unique or innovative compared to others in this category? Does it have the potential to positively impact the user experience and the future of the industry? 
      • Benefits: What kind of benefits does this product, service, or experience deliver to the end-user? How does it compare to competitors if competition exists? 
      • User experience and NFC impact: How does this product deliver a simple, intuitive, or transformative user experience? How central is NFC to the user experience and solution? 
      • Sustainability: Applies to the NFC for a Greener or Safer World category only. What is the environmental impact? Does this innovative NFC product, service, solution contribute to a sustainable world? How does this product or service help create a safer world during this current pandemic?
      • Results: Do the metrics shared by the entrant demonstrate positive results and a progressive trajectory for this product, service, or experience? 


There are NO FEES to submit your entry to the NFC Innovation Awards 


If you have questions about the NFC Innovation Award program? Contact [email protected]

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