The 2018 NFC Innovation Awards underscore the positive impact that NFC innovation is having on society. With NFC, users can connect, commission and control almost anything around them and as NFC technology continues to advance, NFC-enabled products will continually improve everyday lives. We have already started to see NFC technology becoming more and more of a necessity for consumers around the world.

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We asked one of our judges, Laurie Beaver, which NFC innovation is his favorite and he believes has already made an impact in simplifying his everyday life. Here is what he had to say:

“Smart watches from a growing number of companies are a prime example of how NFC technology can transform devices from nice-to-have into need-to-have. The device is the bellwether for consumer-driven healthcare. NFC technology is enabling it to do much more than track steps and heart rates, such as seamlessly connect to gym equipment to more accurately measure activity. NFC has also unlocked the opportunity for connecting the Apple Watch to things like remote patient monitoring devices, which can help physicians and caregivers better track and monitor consumers’ wellbeing.” – Laurie Beaver, Research Analyst, Business Insider Intelligence

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We also asked judge Claire Swedberg where she thinks NFC innovation will expand in the next few years. This was her prediction:

“The driving force for NFC technology still seems to be payment systems in Europe and U.S., while access control and transportation in Asia and beyond should continue to impact NFC technology use rates. With the release of open-NFC enabled iOS devices, consumers worldwide are likely to get more accustomed to the use of NFC in the coming year as well.” – Claire Swedberg, Senior Editor, RFID Journal

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The 2018 judges recently concluded their review of over 60 submissions from 32 countries for the NFC Innovation Awards and selected the nine finalists. Read the details here. NFC Innovation Day is scheduled for June 26 at the Barbican Centre in London, UK and includes the VISIONFC Simplifying IoT Summit from 12:30 – 18:00 with interactive presentations and real-world case studies showing how NFC and IoT can be used together to deliver remarkable customer experiences. The NFC Innovation Awards celebration will take place in the evening after the IoT Summit concludes. Join the fun and hear the winners of the three award categories announced live!

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