The NFC Forum established brand marks and logos to address stakeholder needs across the NFC- ecosystem.

The information found here provides key tenets and guidelines for use of the NFC Forum N-Mark. If you do not find answers to your brand questions after exploring this information, visit our N-Mark Frequently Asked Questions page.

Guidelines and Brand Assets

The NFC Forum N-Mark Usage Guidelines are provided to help understand proper use of the N-Mark to ensure global consistency.

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How to Get the N-Mark

The N-Mark is available for download at no charge after completing the N-Mark Trademark License Agreement.

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A global symbol for NFC technology, use of the N-Mark helps advance the recognition and acceptance of NFC short-range wireless interaction between consumer electronics, mobile devices, personal computers, electrical appliances, and NFC-compatible tags.

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Registered Jurisdictions   

The license agreement for the NFC Forum N-Mark provides limited indemnification for licensed users in jurisdictions where the N-Mark is registered.

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