The N-Mark logo files and assets are available for download free of charge immediately after electronically signing the N-Mark Trademark License Agreement. Users should follow the N-Mark Usage Guidelines for implementation to ensure global consistency.

Follow these steps:

  • Click the link below
  • Carefully read the click-through N-Mark License Agreement
  • Fill in the fields at the bottom of the Agreement
  • Click Accept to accept the terms and execute the license.

The N-Mark Download page will then be displayed for immediate download of the zip folder* with the N-Mark brand asset files.

Click here to complete the N-Mark License Agreement >

* The N-Mark zip folder includes the N-Mark assets for all version included in the flexible system and each version has several different file formats. Consult the N-Mark Usage Guidelines for how to implement the mark.

Questions about the N-Mark? Visit our N-Mark Frequently Asked Questions page.

NOTE: Use of the NFC Forum N-Mark shall be in compliance with the NFC Forum Brand Guidelines.