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NFC technology enables short-range wireless interaction between consumer electronics, mobile devices, personal computers, electrical appliances, and NFC-compatible tags. The NFC Forum provides specifications and programs to create a highly stable framework for extensive NFC application development, seamless, interoperable solutions, secure NFC-enabled and transactions.

The NFC Forum membership maintains all aspects of the NFC Forum technical specifications. Specification updates and Candidate Specifications are managed through technical discussions led by the Technical Committee and its Working Groups.

NFC Forum Specifications


NFC is a technology standard that harmonizes and extends existing contactless standards unlocking the full capabilities of NFC technology for the different contactless operating modes.

The Technical specifications developed by the NFC Forum bridge gaps between existing technologies and devices to enable new applications/services.

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Application Documents


NFC Forum Application documents provide guidance on how to take advantage of NFC technology in specific scenarios.

When used with NFC Forum Specifications, these tools can help achieve full interoperability across technologies.

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