NFC Forum Candidate Technical Specifications

Candidate Technical Specifications

NFC Forum Candidate Technical Specifications are very mature technical specifications whose final adoption is delayed so as to allow verification of its quality, to progress on related test specifications, or the like. Candidate Technical Specifications have different licensing restrictions than adopted Technical Specifications. Currently, the following documents are NFC Forum Candidate Technical Specifications:

NFC Forum Connection Handover Candidate Technical Specification Version 1.4

Defines the structure and sequence of interactions that enable two NFC devices to establish a connection using other wireless communication technologies, such as Bluetooth or WLAN. Candidate Version 1.4 adds the capability for an NFC device to communicate the availability of, or seek, specific services to use on the alternate carriers. This capability makes it easier for the user to launch a specific service on an alternate carrier.

NFC Forum Type 1-5 Tag Candidate Specifications

NFC Forum Type 1-5 Tag Candidate Specifications include the technical information needed to implement the reader/writer and associated control functionality of the NFC device to interact with the tags as it is already defined by the existing NFC Forum Type 1-5 Tag Operation Specifications.

The new NFC Forum Type 1-5 Tag Candidate Specifications add additional requirements to each of the tag types to increase interoperability by allowing providers of NFC Forum Tags to verify that their tags are compatible with the NFC Forum specifications. These specifications allow for the storing and reading of an NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) message on the NFC Forum Tag. The NDEF Message can contain a variety of information resulting in different actions on the NFC Forum Device reading an NFC Forum Tag.

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