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Identiv’s Body Temperature Measurement Patch near field communication (NFC)-enabled transponder supports the reopening of public spaces, including theme parks and stadiums, and helps operators keep attendees and employees comfortable, confident, and safe. The product also supports global governments and healthcare workers that need to periodically monitor quarantined patients diagnosed with COVID-19. The new solution combines the simplicity of using NFC and the smart technology potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), making body temperature monitoring easier than ever.
NFC is one of the short-range wireless communication standards, and is a technology that allows you to exchange information simply by bringing them close together without touching them. It is familiar in everyday life with Suica. Using the NFC chip, I tried to make it possible to convey the profile and operate the home appliances just by bringing my finger closer.First of all, let’s write the profile on the chip and set it as a business card. Create two nails to tell your LinkedIn profile for work and your Twitter profile for private use. I used JAKCOM’s SMART NAIL. When you open the package, it contains one small NFC chip that can be attached to your nails and six nails. I used two here. Since there is no information at this point, write using a smartphone with NFC function or NFC reader / writer. I wrote an application called “NFC Reader Writer” on the Andoid smartphone. From the menu, select WRITE NFC TAGS → Write a url, website …… and write the URL of the Linkedin profile page. I also wrote a Twitter profile page. Of course, you can also write Twitter, LINE, Facebook, contact information, portfolio URL, etc. Place the chip on the NFC writing / reading part of the smartphone. Then press the “WRITE DATA” button. it’s simple.
The NFC ring is one smart ring with unlimited possibilities. Use your NFC Ring to unlock your smart phone or tablet, lock and unlock your door, share and transfer data, and link people. What's more, it's water resistant and never requires charging.
Virtual, Inc
CaixaBank launches payments wristband that can be used at any Visa merchant.
dong guan jin rui trade compan
The NFC Wristband enables a simple, cashless payment option and […]
Swimovate Ltd
The PoolMateSport is an intelligent swim tracking watch which will track all of your swims. It contains accelerometers and our patented algorithms to keep a track of every stroke you swim and give you lots of metrics- speed, distance, calories, laps, sets and much more. We've incorporated NFC so you can easily sync the watch with a smartphone to transfer data and view in graphs and tables on our swim logging website and see how you are improving. Using NFC for data transfer we can use a simple coin cell battery and have battery life of around 12 months.
The evermée necklace represents a revolutionized locket that invisibly carries one single photo memory of your choice. The photo memory is stored on an NFC tag and can be inspired by hovering the phone over the evermée necklace.  
An electronic cyber secured NFC safe, multilingual, which works contactless. In reality, a password, bank cards and loyalty cards* manager It is portable, hardened to the extreme, waterproof and can work without maintenance more than 40 years. This electronic safe has contactless and offline access control, multi-factor physical and digital authentication (MFA). Very easy to use, designed for everyday use, EviTag NFC works anonymously, without leaving a digital trace, without a sensitive database, via a free scalable application, compatible with all types of Android NFC terminals. This electronic safe is DGPR Compliant. The EviTag NFC electronic safe is a solution protected by patents. Save data are secured end-to-end. This is the only solution in the world that allows to share your passwords safely. You can use the automatic connection to your internet accounts and online payments via the EVILOCK NFC LAN plugin without entering the username and password. Presentation video: Video User's Guide: Online payment operation video: Online sales site of electronic safe EviTag NFC: From 35.90 € for two electronic safes, to always have a backup, in case of loss or theft
Queen’s Protocol bags are embedded with NFC technology and aim […]
Wristbanditz combine technology and trendsetting accessories. Wristbanditz introduces innovative guest management and event solutions. By combining technology and trendsetting accessories we introduce a new generation of interactive premium event wristbands featuring NFC technology. On-site, the events are equipped with hardware, tablets, smart phones and laptops that communicate with the wristbands, thus intensifying the customer's brand experience and keeping you as a host connected with the audience.  
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