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HushTags is a digital platform that turns sharing and promotion into a game. Using one or more specially coded stickers (sold in packs of six) and the app, users can leave digital content on any object or in any location imaginable. HushTags work with images, videos, audio, documents, practically any type of file that might exist on a smart phone. Users who discover an activated tag can then use an NFC-enabled smart device to retrieve the content, no app required. If the device supports NFC and has a standard web browser installed, the content previously stored on the Tag can be viewed as a standard web page.

For discovers who also have the app installed, however, the game becomes much more interesting. HushTags by default come with support for multiple contributors. Players who have the HushTags app installed on their smart phone or tablet can add content of their own to Tags they find in the wild. Each contribution becomes its own separate space on the Tag, allowing the  next discover to follow a story of contributions made over time.

With HushTags, everyday objects become sources for discovery, and real world locations are transformed into content hubs.

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