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With the IMAporter, homeowners are able to manage their home from their mobile device. A prime example of this is Airbnb owners, who can use the IMAporter Basic solution to send credentials to their guests remotely – making light night arrivals no longer a concern.

The IMAporter comes in the form of a universal NFC and Bluetooth reader ready for easy integration with third-party systems. Upgrading complex corporate ID solutions to enable MobileAccess is as easy as it gets. Combining RFID, NFC and Bluetooth Smart identification technologies in one device makes it possible to use different identifiers according to the user’s preferences.

The identification process itself is while maintaining a high level of security. No mobile application needs to be opened, no screen lock needs to be unlocked. The user only needs to light up the display of their phone and tap the NFC reader. The system automatically chooses the optimal technology to be used to complete the process. On top of that – small household owners, as well as large estate administrators, can configure the system centrally – e.g. adjust the security levels, control the maximum Bluetooth range and much more. Using the IMAporter IDcloud Platform, administrators can easily create and send mobile keys to users remotely.

The IMAporter has been developed in many versions, starting with a universal MobileAccess Reader designed for integration with third-party systems and ending with sophisticated ACS solutions.

Used technologies

All IMAporter systems are using the latest identification technologies. Apart from the standard and well-known RFID cards and tags, IMAporter systems are equipped with NFC and BLE technologies, which are widely supported by modern mobile devices.

The NFC technology is designed for secure identification over a short distance (usually up to 5cm / 2inches). We call this technology “tap-based”, as users often have to tap the reader with their device. All IMAporter systems support user identification using NFC. Unlike with other similar systems, there is no need to open an app, the user only has to light up the screen and tap the reader. The IMAporter Mobile and Basic ACS solutions also utilize NFC for user rights management.

BLE technology is becoming more and more common on all smart devices. It is a low-power wireless communication derived from Bluetooth. All IMAporter systems support BLE as an optional feature, thus enabling user identification over up to 10m distance. Unlike NFC that is limited to Android devices, BLE can be used with both Android and iOS devices. On top of that, every user or system admin is able to configure the communication distance from tap-based 5 cm to long-range 10 m. Our implementation uses secure user authorization methods and configurable identification process from a simple screen light-up identification to the secure in-app and PIN-confirmed identification.


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