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MASTIS is a cloud-based facilities management system that allows building owners to create and track work orders for maintenance services and staff activities. MASTIS offers core facility maintenance a new level of functionality, including asset and inventory management, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance and work order tracking.

The dashboard displays key performance indicators (KPIs), including new work orders, work in progress, recently closed work orders and staff statuses. Users can also navigate to other features from this view with buttons for a checklist, asset listings, customers and more.

The asset list includes information about each piece of equipment, including the client, brand, customized code, location, model number and serial number. Work order fields include the same data and allow users to attach images of machinery.

MASTIS uses pre-printed asset tags with durable stickers that contain 2D barcodes (QR Code) and NFC (Near Field Communications) technology. The asset tag can bring up the maintenance details page for updating (captured photos upload) and/or service manual/instruction materials (text/graphical or video based). A web-based module can capture the asset details and generate the 2D barcode image for printing with NFC sticker encoding.

MASTIS features include:

  • Mobile Tagging Application (QR Code and NFC technology) – Pre-printed asset tag with durable sticker containing 2D barcode (QR Code) and NFC (Near Field Communications) technology. The asset tag can be accessed by the MASTIS mobile application for asset service maintenance updating with captured photos.
  • Word Order / Request Management – Create work requests for any asset. View and assign open work requests. Approve or Reject work requests with reason codes.
  • Asset Management – Web-based module to capture the asset details and generate 2D barcode images for printing with NFC sticker encoding.
  • Smart Maintenance Scheduling – Smart predictive and planned maintenance schedule generation based on historical services data.
  • Real-time Online Reporting – Real-time online reporting for each asset details and maintenance work updates. Maintenance staff/vendor work check-in, check-out on location.
  • Continuous Condition Monitoring with Advanced Machine Learning Analytics – Asset usage & life span status capture from attached sensors (temperature, energy efficiency BTU metering). Continuous condition monitoring of an asset or facility and give advance warning signal & control of the asset through cloud-based machine learning.

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