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Tagwiser shows how NFC  Technology can connect with all services in the world. With Tagwiser, you can promote your website or your social page like Facebook , Google+ and Twitter. Place a Tagwiser tag on your card (or anywhere!), and anybody with a smartphone can view your website. People can immediately like your social media page or leave a comment. In a restaurant, a customer can leave a review by tapping a tag on the table.

Tagwiser NFC Facebook Tag

The NFC Facebook tag quickly displays a Facebook page upon being tapped. It sticks on a window, a restaurant card, a car, a mailbox, a door etc.

Tagwiser NFC Twitter Tag

Increase Twitter followership with the NFC Twitter tag, which displays your Twitter page upon being tapped.

There are many different NFC tags you can purchase, including services (gas), user engagement, websites (restaurants), social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+), products (Pampers), and more.

How Does it Work?

Interested in learning how the tags work? Watch a video to better understand how it is infused with NFC technology in order to promote your pages, connect you to friends, provide you with information immediately, and more.

Visit the main website to see all services that are implemented with NFC technology.

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