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TapLive™ is an NFC management system that simplifies mobile content delivery. It allows for full control over NFC tags with content changes on-the-fly, without reprogramming deployed tags. Content is managed and delivered through our end to end encrypted system.

It creates the ability for banners that launch promotional videos, prescription bottles or food packaging delivering vital information, sporting stadiums becoming mobile interactive, and government organizations using NFC to deliver vital and secured information.

This system allows Businesses to develop content strategies for NFC to launch phone calls, GPS, landing pages, surveys, URLs, videos, and more in just a tap. It also included reporting tools so you can see metrics of the NFC usage and other valuable information that can be used. For industries such as government and medical it can help to determine when a tag was tapped and its content accessed.

Contact us for more information about our reporting capabilities. We offer customization services to tailor our system to whatever your need.


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