Research & Best Practices

The information compiled here represents the best research and best practices designed to help organizations understand how to implement NFC technology.

  • December 16, 2013

    Forum des Services Mobiles Sans Contact has contributed this paper, which discusses the arrival of contactless NFC technology on mobile phones and the possibilities that are available as a reult: payment, access control, buying concert tickets, etc. (PDF)

  • The SToLPaN project will detail the commercial and technical frameworks required to deliver third party applications securely into Secure Elements (SEs) in an NFC-enabled mobile handset, irrespective of the handset type or the support infrastructure. In this paper we describe the technical model for dynamic card content management of SEs placed in a mobile handset. All the rules, processes and interactions are also valid in case the same process should be realized for a personal or handheld computer equipped with SEs. (PDF)

  • This paper outlines Innovision’s business case for NFC integration and highlights the key considerations that need to be taken into account when implementing a custom NFC design. (PDF)

  • This paper follows on from Part I of Innovision’s white paper series and aims to help NFC product and service developers identify the suitability of the four NFC Forum-mandated tag types for various applications. (PDF)

  • This paper sets out Innovision’s view of emerging NFC applications, technology and markets, and describes how the company’s existing technology and development expertise is being adapted to help ensure successful take-up of the technology. (PDF)

  • This white paper provides an overview of NFC Forum Type Tags for product managers and technical staff. It covers the storage of application data, the format used, and how to map data to the format. It discusses the NFC Forum-defined Tag Types, lists use cases, and provides an overview of available products. It also includes a complete list of relevant documents for further study. (PDF)

  • This document provides a guideline on the command sequence that should be used by a device in poll mode to discover and classify communication partners using NFC-F technology. The provided guidelines are especially relevant for NFC Forum Devices. The intended audiences are engineers and system designers. NFC Forum Members can download the Sony white paper from the Member website.

  • This document discusses how elliptic curve cryptography can provide strong standards-based security for NFC tags using one-tenth the storage space of RSA signatures and certificates. The authors also present an NFC Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) architecture, scenarios for tag issuers, memory utilization and performance data for the various schemes specified in the NFC Forum Signature RTD.

  • The NFC Forum’s Air Transport Task Force and IATA’s Fast Travel Working Group collaborated extensively to develop this White Paper, which seeks to help the global air travel industry better understand and evaluate the potential benefits and costs, use cases, and implementation options associated with adoption of NFC Technology.

  • This white paper highlights the capabilities of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and its potential to transform our everyday lives. It reveals how NFC will transform standalone wireless networking resources into truly interoperable communications media for accessing public transportation and facilities, making retail payments, transferring data, discovering new information, and more. It further describes how the NFC Forum works to drive NFC standardization and encourage its adoption in the market. (PDF)