Over one billion cars travel the world’s roads today. By 2035, according to Navigant Research, that number will rise to two billion. This is the market that AUTOCYB’s automotive cybersecurity lock is targeting to provide vehicle owners and motorists essential security and consumer protection of their data. AUTOCYB is already being sold in 15 countries.

Figure 1: AUTOCYB was recognized as an NFC Innovation Award Finalist in the “NFC For Good” category. As shown above, the simple two-piece system combined with NFC technology makes your car more secure and gives you more driving freedom. (Image Courtesy: AUTOCYB)

AUTOCYB is the world’s first automotive cybersecurity insurance product. AUTOCYB protects automobiles’ Onboard Diagnostic Connector from misuse or hacking. Most new cars today have sophisticated onboard electronics that are vulnerable to attack. The attack could take the form of re-engineering various features of the vehicle, theft of the vehicle, crash data tampering and odometer fraud or the manipulation of travel data. AUTOCYB locks the Onboard Diagnostic Connector and gives the key to the vehicle owner. The AUTOCYB® CYBER LOCK attaches to the vehicle’s diagnostic port connector, normally located under the steering column, to safeguard a vehicle owner’s data.

“Our newest product uses NFC technology to determine the lock/unlock status of a vehicle’s diagnostic port connector. This is a real convenience for customers to simply tap an NFC-enabled device on the port connector and have access to their data. We selected NFC because it is a proof-of-presence technology that withstands spoliation of evidence challenges in the legal arena,” said Tom Kowalick, Founder and CEO of AUTOCYB.