The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) space is one of the fastest-growing IoT markets and Iotize has continued to stand out as an industry leader as it has grown. Their TapNLink products are radios that bring connectivity to a wide range of existing industrial systems by enabling users to interact locally with connected systems to help with installation, configuration and maintenance. Iotize’s unique approach makes it possible to add a radio to an existing industrial system without redesigning material or software, dramatically reducing risk and cost.

Figure 1: Iotize’s TapNLink was recognized as a finalist in the NFC Innovation Award Program in the “Best Emerging Concept” category. By using NFC technology, users are provided with a faster more effective way of connecting to the technologies they are using in the industrial environment. (Image Courtesy: Iotize)

Iotize’s TapNLink combines different technologies (e.g. NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa, etc.) that are intuitive, secure and well-adapted for their use. It facilitates interaction with an industrial system locally, where users benefit from ease of connection and the ergonomics of contemporary smartphone interfaces. TapNLink products also support connection to the cloud via the smartphone, or via other types of permanent gateways for remote supervision.

NFC can be used as the primary communication channel or for wakeup and pairing of other communication channels. Used in a wakeup-and-pairing mode, NFC can power down other radio channels when a user is not present. This optimizes power consumption because the radio draws virtually no power when not in use. This also reduces unwanted radio emissions and is more discreet than technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that are always on and may draw the attention of unauthorized or malevolent users.

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“All of our radios include NFC because it offers characteristics that are unique and complementary to other technologies. For the end-user, NFC allows them to establish the connection with a simple gesture (tap) and launch the right application. In industrial environments that are crowded with connected systems, the tap-to-connect is faster, more intuitive and surer than trying to select the right Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection from a list and enter the appropriate pairing code,” said Steve Gussenhoven, Marketing Communications Manager for Iotize.

Figure 2: As shown above, Iotize’s NFC technology on any TapNLink module can be used to communicate with the target system, or to wake up and pair other RF channels that may be required by the use case. (Image Courtesy: Iotize)