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PicoLabel – NFC-enabled ePaper label

PicoLabel combines the advantages of ePaper displays with the convenience of NFC updates – and doesn’t require power for displaying static information. Create ePaper displays for your badges, doors, logistic labels, and more.



The GoToTags .NET SDK enables you to easily develop IoT Windows desktop applications. The SDK includes support for NFC/NDEF, barcode scanners and hardware controls systems.

The .NET SDK is used by the GoToTags Windows App, NFC Encoder and Reel-Reel NFC Encoder.

EvenTri – Event Management and Time Attendance 3 methods NFC/QR CODE/BEACON


NFC in Access Control: Unlocking the Future

Did you realize that one of the most vital technologies in your daily life has remained relatively unchanged since 704 BC? No, it’s not your toaster or your household plumbing. It’s the technology that most of us rely on toRead more »