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Confidex Links

Confidex Links™ – is world first truly modular NFC tag portfolio for high-volume smart ad campaigns and smart package applications.


MASTIS is a Cloud-based facilities management system.
MASTIS monitors and manages an organization’s assets using the latest IoT & mobile technologies.
MASTIS allows building owners to create and track work orders for maintenance activities.
MASTIS also offers the ability to create barcodes with pre-printed asset tags labeled with QR codes and NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology. The system’s mobile application can scan these tags to retrieve information about work assigned to the asset and images.

IDEAL Talking Tags

IDEAL Talking Tags is a talking label maker/reader application, designed in support of accommodating the access needs of individuals who are blind.

It is available from the Google Play Store for free. IDEAL Talking Tags is based on Apps4Android’s Near Field Communication (NFC) Tec-Tiles. For more information please see: http://youtu.be/OhOWyLujGxg

The minimum hardware and firmware requirements for running the application is an Android, Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled, smartphone running Android V4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Talking labels can provide audible guidance in identifying a variety of different items including clothing, food containers, and other household products. Talking labels can also provide audible guidance in identifying and taking medications. Talking labels are often used by individuals with vision-impairments.

Apps4Android, Inc. is a Social Entrepreneurship Company and the world’s largest developer of free Android assistive technology apps in support of individuals with disabilities with 21+ installations in 214 countries.

“NFC Everywhere” at CES 2017

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The GoToTags .NET SDK enables you to easily develop IoT Windows desktop applications. The SDK includes support for NFC/NDEF, barcode scanners and hardware controls systems.

The .NET SDK is used by the GoToTags Windows App, NFC Encoder and Reel-Reel NFC Encoder.

Your Automobile is Your Biggest Connected Mobile Device

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Smart Info Tags

Smart Info Tags by Tap For Info  is a patented solution covering NFC use in Marketing, Retail and Consumer Products. Smart Info Tags can be used to manage promotions, solicit Facebook Like, generate and capture leads, and provide targeted content to consumers. Consumer can access Info Tag content from any device, the tags support NFC, QR and URL interfaces. Each tag is unique and has NFC chip, which allows consumers to just hover or tap their smartphone over our products contactlessly to launch content. Tap For Info solutions come with a remote content management portal that also monitors usage metrics, Facebook Likes, and Sign Ups remotely. Businesses can generate a dynamic App from Info Tag and provide targeted content to their consumers while managing content remotely.

NFC + IoT = Opportunity: Simplifying IoT With NFC In Smart Homes White Paper Now Available

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